Founded in 1966, in Herrieden, Bavaria, Schüller is among the top 3 German kitchen furniture manufacturers. Today, with over 1,500 employees, Schüller produces and delivers close to 150,000 kitchens every year to 35 countries across the globe. High quality, contemporary, ‘Made in Germany’ kitchens that address the unique preferences of each market – in design, features, and technology.

Quality in every detail. Sustainability in every step.

With over a hundred quality features, all made in-house, Schüller stands a cut above the rest. In craft and in innovation. Every feature is aimed at lending stability and long life to the kitchen. At the heart of it all, from sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, to delivery, is a strong focus on nature conservation; on maintaining the ecological balance. Today, following years of continuous efforts in shrinking its carbon footprint, Schüller is a certified “carbon-neutral furniture manufacturer”. Not just the company, but Schüller products too are certified as climate neutral.


Open and harmonious, these are kitchens with nature-inspired surfaces and colours. Thoughtfully designed to house home-grown herbs, green plants, fresh market vegetables, and more.


Durable surface materials, strategic placement of appliances, adequate storage and more make these kitchens highly functional and space-saving. A place to cook, eat, and socialise freely.


Well-ordered, uncluttered, and with a dash of exciting and unusual accents. These are kitchens built for creativity and functionality, with surfaces, materials and elements that embody the no-fuss urban lifestyle.


Can kitchen-related workflows be precisely tailored to one’s preferences? They sure can, in these kitchens tastefully designed for inspired living and perfect kitchen ergonomics.


From a tall unit for drinks crates to one for brooms and another for provisions – explore storage solutions where everything has been thought of, for every kind of layout. Available in a range of colours and configurations.

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