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Imposing, soft and with sinuous contours, the Regal_e savours the present whilst taking us back to the 1970s and projecting us into the future at the same time. It fits well into large living rooms thanks to its versatile modularity for a high level of comfort, ensured by the presence of electrical and manual mechanisms. It expresses its full potential with its raised backrests that give it an authoritative Regal look. Available in leather, fabric or microfibre, it is embellished with slender metal feet, which are available in different finishes. It features backrests that can be raised manually thanks to an easy-to-operate mechanism and are also equipped with electrically retractable leg rests in an ultra-slim design.

Calia Italia started in 1965, producing a single kind of product conceived to make people feel good: upholstered furniture. Since then, they have been manufacturing sofas with an accessible, democratic design with care and attention to detail to reach any place in the world. A treasure of expertise and talents, each of them specialized in a specific task, from sketching to a selection of materials and detail finishing. The company follows the principles of sustainable development, equipped with automatic machines to optimize production and improve workers’ lives. The company has become one of the most renowned companies in the production of “upholstered furniture” worldwide.