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Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, Octave is a system of modular sofas featuring rigorous shapes. The source of Vincent Van Duysen’s inspiration for his new project is those wide skyscraper windows that offer breathtaking views over cosmopolitan megacities while comfortably seated on inviting sofas and armchairs. Blade-like extruded steel legs support the base on which rest low rectangular textile or leather upholstered backrests of the same thickness as the cosy seat cushions. Octave offers open elements with which to create chaise longues or poufs that can be arranged alongside the composition or used as free-standing elements, also for the centre of the room. Available in different configurations and a range of textile and leather finishes.

A confluence of exemplary design, cutting-edge craft and great tradition, founded in 1934 in Italy. Over the years, Molteni has designed and built prototypes that have become mainstream, introduced new ways of crafting furniture systems that are architectural in every sense, and enlivened the homes of people who appreciate technique, detail and beauty.