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Mater Familias, a collection dedicated to the role of women and the culture of Matera, presents the Day Bed as its first model. It contains many features that transform it into a comfort experience. They include: elegant forked legs, a reference to the female world in which the forked clothes props were used to raise the washing lines, the perimeter seams that recall the bags of wheat and flour they used, the padding that evokes the mattresses sewn by women and the overlapping cushions, which refer to the stratification of the ancient culture of Matera, the frame shape is embracing and somehow recalls the social life in the ancient neighbourhoods.

Calia Italia started in 1965, producing a single kind of product conceived to make people feel good: upholstered furniture. Since then, they have been manufacturing sofas with an accessible, democratic design with care and attention to detail to reach any place in the world. A treasure of expertise and talents, each of them specialized in a specific task, from sketching to a selection of materials and detail finishing. The company follows the principles of sustainable development, equipped with automatic machines to optimize production and improve workers’ lives. The company has become one of the most renowned companies in the production of “upholstered furniture” worldwide.