Coordinated Living Rooms

Style and class in a living room comes from everything working together - motion sofas, lounge chairs, carpets, centre tables, entertainment console, and even the mirrors, vases and lamps. Our vast range means that, it is now easier to create the perfect, coordinated look, while one can choose whatever desired in almost any colour.

Dining Room Ensembles

Dining rooms are about grace and functionality. All elements contribute to this sensation. From the dining table and chairs to the chic sideboard and storage cabinet. From the carpet and lamp to the mirror and crystalware. Our collection offers many options including exclusive ceramic tables, to make it easier to work as an ensemble of taste and character.

Recliners & Personal Chairs

A range of fine chairs that define a truly personal space, and individual style. Powered or manual recliners to relax your body and mind. Personal swivel chairs that mean privacy and seclusion. All, in various sizes, forms and colours.

Harmonious Bedrooms

Bedrooms are all about harmony - in colour, texture and warmth. With a collection of beds, upholstered and in high-gloss wood, wardrobes, cabinets, chests of drawers, mattresses, carpets, it is now easier to create a bedroom that suits your unique expression.